Motions passed at the special meeting of LA&PS Faculty Council on March 23, 2015 Reply

Motions passed at the special meeting of LA&PS Faculty Council on March 23, 2015

Motion 1

Mover:             Elizabeth Dauphinee

Seconder:       Penni Stewart

Whereas, in the view of this Council, the University has failed in its commitment to collegial self governance, including with respect to decision-making on remediation and academic integrity;

And whereas the University has failed to provide a workplace free from violence or intimidation for all of its community members, including those employees on the picket lines;

And whereas the University must re-commit to productive collective bargaining;

And whereas the University must nurture an environment where legitimate debate and protest are safeguarded and where community members do not fear reprisals for exercising their protected freedoms;

And whereas the resumption of classes has compromised the academic integrity of the programs in LA&PS, and has undermined the fairness to students to which the University is committed in Senate Policy 008:

Therefore be it resolved that:

The Council of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies calls upon the University to take immediate steps to restore the rights of individual faculty and collegial bodies to make decisions regarding academic integrity and remediation, and to protect all members of the University community from reprisal or intimidation for the exercise of these rights.


For:     119

Against: 13


Motion 2:

Mover:             Dennis Pilon

Seconder:       Leo Panitch

Whereas the Senate delegates to LA&PS Faculty Council, specifically its Committee on Curriculum, Curricular Policy and Standards, the responsibility to ‘make recommendations on all matters concerning examinations and academic standards, in Council Rules and Regulations and oversee Faculty-level academic grade exercises and re-appraisals’.

And whereas the partial resumption of classes under present conditions raises grave concerns about our ability as LA&PS Faculty Council to assure our standards will be met.

Therefore, we move that LA&PS Faculty Council recommend to Senate Executive that classes, which have not resumed as of March 20, 2015, be suspended until the labour disruption is over.


For:       125

Against: 25

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