Motion of non-confidence by the Glendon Faculty Council Reply

April 20, 2018


Glendon Faculty Council expresses non-confidence in the senior administration of York University led by President Rhonda Lenton and in the Board of Governors led by Rick Waugh


With the strike in its sixth week, York’s administration continues to refuse to bargain with CUPE 3903 to resolve outstanding issues in a timely fashion. The approach of the Senate Executive Committee to remediation while the strike is ongoing has created confusion and chaos within York’s community, intensifying the anxiety and stress of students, faculty and staff, as well as undermining the academic integrity of courses and therefore York’s reputation.

York’s President and Board of Governors, with the support of Senate Executive, have undermined the historic interpretation and application of the York Act, thereby undermining collegial governance at York. Given these considerations, Glendon Faculty Council can no longer express confidence in the leadership of President Rhonda Lenton or in the Chair of the Board of Governors Rick Waugh.

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