186 YUFA members sign “Back to the Table” statement Reply

We the undersigned members of YUFA urge our colleagues to vote against the proposed collective agreement for 2012-15. We thank YUFA’s collective bargaining team for its hard work and hard-fought accomplishments, but at this point in time we think the team should return to the bargaining table and work toward improving the proposed collective agreement. More…

Back to the Table: Full backgrounder Reply

Back to Bargaining: Critical Comments on the YUFA Tentative Settlement

August 2012

This document, drafted collectively by a group of YUFA members,[1] offers a discussion of the Tentative Settlement (proposed collective agreement) between YUFA and York University and explains our opposition to it. We will vote against its ratification in the electronic vote immediately following the YUFA information meetings on August 29-30, and we urge you to do the same. More…