Activity based budgeting: Cautionary tales from the US Reply

by Justin Podur: “…another shock is coming to the university community: the SHARP budget model, or “activity based budgeting”. Like other damaging shocks to the community, this is being prepared in secret, away from the eyes of those who will be affected by it. Details of the budget model are embargoed, and faculty are told only vague promises that the model will provide additional transparency. Units have been threatened that when the new model comes in, there will be huge new deficits that are an artifact of the new way of accounting for things.” More…

Statement by Science & Technology Studies Graduate Program Executive Reply

On March 24, 2015, the STS Graduate Program Executive unanimously passed the following motion:

Having reviewed the graduate courses and consulted with current course directors, STS Graduate Exec has determined that under present conditions it is impossible to maintain academic integrity; therefore graduate classes are suspended until a settlement is reached and the strike is over.

Statement from Coordinating Committee of the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Reply

March 23, 2015 statement:

Given the recommendations of LA&PS Faculty Council of March 23, we have conducted a review of our courses and concluded that the academic integrity of all courses is compromised. As such, we have revisited the remediation plan of March 17 and have determined that as of March 23, all undergraduate and graduate courses at both Keele and Glendon campuses are suspended until a settlement is reached and the strike is over.