Department of Sociology Statement on the Resumption of Classes during the CUPE Strike Reply

This strike has put all students and faculty members in an extremely difficult situation. As teachers, we feel the disruption and are anguished by the dilemmas that it creates for doing our jobs well. The resumption of classes can only prolong this strike and undermine the academic integrity of our courses. Hence, we strongly believe that the best way to maintain academic integrity and fairness to students is to suspend classes until a settlement is reached.


257 YUFA members sign letter to Senate Executive and University Administration Reply

257 YUFA members and 6 retirees have signed an open letter to Senate Executive expressing extreme concern about the resumption of classes while the strike continues. The letter urges the University Administration to go back to the bargaining table and to make solid offers for a quick and fair settlement with CUPE Units 1 and 3.


Open letter from former CUPE 3903 officers Reply

Tuition indexation—first won by our local during bargaining in 1998—was
a historic achievement for accessible post-secondary education in this
country. Since 1998, the tuition indexation language in our collective
agreements has effectively kept tuition fees frozen for new graduate
student members. Tuition indexation has obliged the university, in every
year that it raised graduate tuition fees, to give graduate student
members of the union a dollar-for-dollar tuition rebate (Graduate
Financial Assistance). More…