Links to important documents re CUPE 3903 strike Reply

This is an organized list of links related to the CUPE 3903 strike. If there are important documents that are not here, please send them, or the links, to Ricardo Grinspun (

Official York links and documents

CUPE 3903 – Labour Disruption Update

Senate Policy on Labour Disruptions

Institutional Remediation Guidelines from Senate Executive

Teaching Commons remediation options

CUPE 3903 links and documents

CUPE 3903 website

Better York is Possible

Infographics: We do the math on the Employer’s latest offer (March 18)

YUFA links and documents

YUFA website

FAQ for YUFA members

Issues and reports

Statements from individuals, groups and units

Memo from Prof. Stephanie Ross to her students (March 2)

Statement of Solidarity with CUPE 3903- York University Undergraduates

Open Letter from Former CUPE 3903 Officers (March 8)

257 YUFA members sign letter to Senate Executive and University Administration (March 12)

School of Social Work Response to Remediation Framework (March 17)

Faculty of Environmental Studies Faculty Council (March 17)

Updated Statement on Senate Policy and Actions Endorsed by 164 Faculty (March 18)

Principles for Remediation in Department of Political Science (March 19)

Department of Humanities Motion (March 20)

Department of Sociology Statement on the Resumption of Classes during the CUPE Strike (March 20)

Continued Suspension/Resumption of Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) Classes March 23rd (March 21)

Department of Anthropology and Graduate Program in Social Anthropology Response to Remediation Framework (March 22)

Letter from the Department of Film to the Dean of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design (March 22)

Open Letter from YUFA and CUPE 3903 Unit 2 Members of the Department of History (March 22)

Department of Equity Studies (DES) Announcement (March 23)

Motions passed at the special meeting of LA&PS Faculty Council (March 23)

Speech by Elizabeth Dauphinee to LA&PS Faculty Council (March 23)

School of Social Work Announcement (March 23)

Letter from Dr. Peter Flaherty (CUPE Unit 2) to President Shoukri and Provost Lenton

Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought Statement (March 25)

Statement of Solidarity from the Queen’s University Geography Graduate Student Council (GSC)

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